Manuel Sepulveda

Fictions Design

Pokémon Detective Pikachu


At MPC, vfx supervisor Ryan Jefferson Hays (Ghost in the Shell) invited me to work alongside designer Paul Hunt on the worldbuilding for Ryme City, the fictional location of the live-action film, Pokémon Detective Pikachu.

I designed over 140 brands, from corporate banks to noodle takeaways, to help populate the city and create a believable environment for the story and characters to live in.  

Initial concepts for Clifford Industries, Ryme City Transit, and Clifford News Media.

Language Systems

I also created two language systems which formed the basis of many of the logos we designed.

Each language came in ten editable styles to provide variety and flexibility.

This showreel includes final logo designs by both Paul Hunt and myself.

Production Design

Guidance and visuals for building and compositing the design assets into the final shots was also provided.


Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Director: Rob Letterman

Production Company: Legendary Pictures, The Pokémon Company

VFX Supervisor: Erik Nordby

MPC VFX Supervisor: Pete Dionne

MPC Creative Director: Ryan Jefferson Hays

MPC Producers: Sandra Eklund, Tomek Zietkiewicz

Design: Paul Hunt, Manuel Sepulveda

Animation: Jessica Gaynor, Ingrid Tsy

Concept Art: Charles Downman
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